22 Tanda Perusahaan Bermasalah   Leave a comment

1. Declining profitability
2. Declining net worth
3. Declining sales
4. Lack of Growth
5. Increasing Debt
6. Cash Flow Problems
7. Declining current assets to current liabilities ratio
8. Declining quick asset ratio
9. Increasing expense to sales ratio
10.Declining market share
11.Dividend cuts
12.Increasing inventories
13.Increasing product returns
14.Declining capital investment
15.Problems with banks & lenders
16.Problems with Auditors
17.Management Problems (mis. lack of planning & commitments)
18.Milking subsidiaries (high cash flow to main company)
19.Too many businesses started
20.Inattention to public relations
21.Increasing legal expenses
22.large-scale stock sale by insiders


Posted September 12, 2007 by K-K-K in Management, Strategik, Trend

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