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So many email today talking about Android gadget, starting from Samsung GalaxyS, Motorola, A-Pad, SkyPad until the latest new one regarding the best Android based TabletPC Moimstone. It is become a new trend today that people is loving the new OS on the block.

Let see about the trend, it will be new stuff with new applications coming up and it will be new trend in the youth era. With only this devices, we can show movies, listen to music, make a phone call, internet everywhere, watching TV, reading ebook, playing games and alots of other stuff that help us on our daily activity such as compass, check health, writing notes etc.

So, wait for the next era of is the era of Telco 3.0 with Forth screen on the ride.

Posted September 3, 2010 by K-K-K in Tidak terkategori

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